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Our Services

Bath and Brush

This is not only a bath but we will look your dog over and decide which special shampoo they may require or maybe which conditioner. We also trim and file their nails, trim the hair on their feet, and do a neat sanitary trim. We also will do anal glands if needed.

Haircut/ Groom

We will attempt to clip the dog the way you want if applicable. As long as the coat can be done within a comfortable brushing and styling period. Some dogs maybe to matted and may require a shave down. We will discuss your dogs clip at the time of drop off. Check out our MonthlyMaintenance Plan here

Poochie Portraits

Christmas we do photos with all the family. Make memories with a way to remember our FurKids. Prices are very reasonable. Photo hours will be posted appointment are appreciated.

Pick up and Delivery

We will come to your house, pick-up the dog, take it to be groomed, and then deliver it back home, safely and conveniently. Note: We offer this service for free if you live in a 5 mile radius of the shop, if not a small fee may be charged.

Doggy Day/Night Care

This service is for our customers only. We do not take in dogs that we do not groom. We only have a certain amount of space and we want to make the dogs that are staying happy so we limit our number of dogs per night.

Emergency Bath

Skunked dog?

Big party in a couple of hours and dog smells really bad?

No problem! 


We have a great trainer who can help with all kinds of behavior give us a call and we will set up your interview.

Nail Trims and Filing

Please call to make an appointment. We try to accommodate everyone but there are times when we ourselves are running against time. Note: Dogs should have nails trimmed/filed about once a month. If your dog is walked on hard concrete or paved road it will help keep the nails short. These dogs may not need to get their nails trimmed but once every two months.

We do offer other services and deals, so if you need something different then the 

ones mentioned, please feel free to ask about them and get a price quoted.

We accept: Cash & Checks

*We reserve the right to refuse service at any time*


What our customers are saying

Honest, friendly, caring and affordable grooming!

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