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About Us

 Ab-C-De Dog Grooming is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of services and options to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. 

We work hard to groom dogs if owners are willing to work with us; which is why we are known for taking the dogs that no one else will do. We may ask you to be present while grooming or even request the dog come on late evening appointment so as not to be interrupted during. We have made great progress with some hard to groom dogs, that eventually the parents say the dog actually likes to come and see us.

We also know that price can be a problem so we have monthly packages. My grandma always said if there is a will there is a way; we have a will and we try to give everyone a way.  So give us a call, let's talk about your family's canine grooming needs.

We try to do what the owner wants us to do. Although some purebred dogs may not always have the coat they should. Some dogs do not like to be brushed, but we can help! Some dogs do not like to have the feet touched, once again we can help. We try to help the owner with their dogs so that at-home grooming is not so hard. When we groom the dogs, it is a bonding time. Owners would be shocked at the time and fun you can have with your dog during home grooming.

*Our hours are subject to change.

Our groomer is here from 10 am to 2 pm on the days we are open.

Toe Nail Trims: With Appointment Only

Need an appointment after 2pm??

Ask about our After Hours &

Grooming Discounts!

In the Spring/Summer, we see a lot of outside dogs; these dogs can have coat problems. Some dogs have mats or tightly tangled coats. Dogs that may get a once a year shear down may sometimes have sores under the tangles. If this was to ever be the case we would call and let you know, then help you with information on your next steps to treat it. We are a family here and we want our customers to feel at home.


What our customers are saying

Ann, Lela & Co. Have been grooming my babies for several years now & have always done a wonderful job. I especially love the Christmas photos they do. Our friends and family love to get then each year. I wouldn't take my kids to anyone else. I highly recommend Abcde Groomers.

Diane Goad- Google Review

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